June 3, 2019

SCN Helps AstaReal Make a Tradeshow Splash

Tradeshows are a significant sales tool for many different kinds of companies, and the main goal when designing a booth is helping a brand stand out from its competitors. This is exactly what AstaReal asked us to do—and SCN successfully delivered.

The supplement and nutraceutical market is booming, and the key to success is meeting the demands of consumers and exceeding their expectations. This can be in the form of a unique innovation or a level of quality that surpasses what is offed by the competition—and AstaReal provides both in its range of natural astaxanthin supplements.

AstaReal had several key objectives that needed to be conveyed in their new tradeshow booth and ad. It was important to explain what astaxanthin is and what it does. They also wanted to convey their products’ energy and performance benefits. Lastly, the messaging had to position AstaReal as an industry leader with 30 years of research and innovation to back its products.

With limited space for text—and a very short window of time to attract show attendees’ attention—we relied on visual cues to meet AstaReal’s goals. To start, we used the brand’s signature high-impact red to catch the eye of passersby. We reviewed hundreds of images before selecting the one that best represented energy and peak performance. Finally, we highlighted the company’s three decades at the forefront of the supplement and nutraceutical industry.

AstaReal was presented with three design options that effectively positioned AstaReal as the leading astaxanthin performance supplement company. They made their selection and asked for minimal additional changes.


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