November 28, 2018

Revitalize Dale Carnegie’s Training Course Materials

Dale Carnegie started in 1912, inspired by one man’s belief in the power of self-improvement. Offering solutions in more than 25 languages that show people around the world how to better communicate, lead, collaborate, take initiative and be successful getting the most out of their lives and their work. They offer training courses in leadership, sales, customer service, people skills, organizational and presentation skills.

Dale Carnegie recently rebranded themselves from an 80-year-old company, with a fresh, young and contemporary image that aligns with today’s era and the new generation of professionals. The brand represents how people have the potential to change themselves as well as the world.  Dale Carnegie encourages professionals to find their full potential and share the best part of themselves.

The existing Dale Carnegie training course materials were bulky, difficult to use, difficult to store and ultimately making it more difficult to learn. In an era where customers’ standards are continually increasing, the previous Dale Carnegie training materials lacked the imagination, efficiency and updated look to meet these standards.

SCN collaborated closely with the Dale Carnegie’s team to re-design their training material course books to align with their new brand, provide a better quality product, enhance the experience, add value to their customers, and reduce production cost. The goal was to design a system that unified all the Dale Carnegie courses to work in harmony and express the new Dale Carnegie voice.

We moved away from the traditional, clunky 3 ring binder that was 10in W x 11.25in H. We developed a packaging case (6.75in W x 10.25in H) that is more compact, portable, and can easily be stored on a book shelf. We then took the loose 3 ring binder training pages and designed a spiral book that consolidates and binds the course together. The spiral bound book slides out of the case box made from a solid board treated with a satin finish that enhances the user experience as soon as soon as the user touches it. The smooth slide-out component of the package creates a satisfying reveal effect and heightens the experience of using the book, creating a physical declaration of worth and value.

The end result is a streamline solution that delivers confidence and simplicity that communicates Dale Carnegie’s new voice, company vision, while creating visual consistency across all Dale Carnegie products.


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