January 25, 2019

SCN Brings Oravida Artesian Water to Life

For one of our latest projects, we were charged with creating an overarching design-based look and feel for Oravida Natural Artesian Water that would communicate the benefits and points of differentiation between this unique water in a highly competitive market.

Established in 2011, Oravida exports premium food-based products sourced from their own farms and supply partners in New Zealand to China. Oravida’s brand and project manager, Liz Muller, selected SCN to oversee the comprehensive branding of their new artesian waters when they were added to the company’s portfolio of products.

Sourced from New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty, this natural artesian water is rich in silica, minerals and trace elements that provide myriad health benefits. The water is among the softest, and purest and was recognized as a silver winner at the International Tasting Competition during the 2018 Water Expo in China as a high-end drinking water brand.

Oravida asked us to leverage these accolades, and create a design approach that would appeal to their upper-class Chinese target market. Our primary objective for the website was to create a minimalist visual experience that clearly communicated Oravida’s quality, purity and mission. Since the food industry is notorious for malpractices and fraudulent product claims, it was crucial that the Oravida water branding reflected the brand’s quality and commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle to their customers in Asia.

When creating the Oravida website, our key goal was to capture the visual beauty of New Zealand, a country recognized for its pristine habitat that remains untouched by human industrialization. In essence, we wanted to communicate that Oravida is a superior product sourced from a superior supplier.

Oravida’s artesian waters undergo a 50-year natural filtration process that purifies the water and infuses it with beneficial minerals. The water is then collected from a 1,000-year-old aquifer 1,000 feet below the ground’s surface. We felt a visual timeline was in order to convey this highly unique message and enhance the water’s appeal to high-end Chinese consumers.

From start to finish, the Oravida branding process took six months, and we are proud to say that SCN met and exceeded all of our client’s objectives. In the time since the launch, Oravida has seen a significant increase in website traffic and brand awareness. Beyond the analytics, visit www.oravidawater.com.cn/en to experience the simplicity, purity and superior quality for yourself—and see why Oravida is committed to “water, the way nature intended.”


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