July 5, 2018

Natural Artesian Water, The Source Of Good Health

Designed Oravida’s New Zealand Artesian Water bottle label, trade show booth and produced a video for the Inter Health Expo and International Food Exhibition in China.

Oravida is a young, dynamic and innovative food company bringing the very best of New Zealand’s produce to China.  Established in 2011, Oravida exports New Zealand’s highest quality premium food products through multiple sales channels. Their products are sourced directly from their own farms, processing plants and upstream supply partnerships.

Oravida water goes through a 50 year natural filtration process that gently purifies and infuses the water with life-giving minerals. Where it’s than collected 1000 feet below ground in an 1800 year old artesian aquifer. This ancient aquifer, 1000 feet deep underground, protects one of the softest sources of water in the world just as nature intended.

Oravida was the High-end Drinking Water Brand Silver Winner at the International Water Tasting Competition during the 2018 Water Expo in China.


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