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Trialbee has pioneered an innovative, digitally-driven solution for matching and enrolling patients for clinical trials. Based in Sweden, Trialbee optimizes the recruiting process and increases conversion by providing a customized, seamless trial experience for biotech and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


Trialbee wanted to elevate awareness about their advanced approach for matching and enrolling patients for clinical trials around the globe. The company’s goal was to drive lead generation by positioning their customers as the heroes with Trialbee as their guide.

SCN redesigned Trialbee’s website to simplify and clarify their messaging. Our first objective was to create a new, impactful header that would make a strong first impression and engage users, in turn keeping them on the site. We also created a cohesive imagery system and restructured the presentation of the company’s services to effectively highlight their benefits, differentiate the brand from its competitors, and emphasize calls to action in order to engage leads.

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