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Rural India Supporting Trust

Rural India Supporting Trust (RIST) is a non-profit grant issuing organization. Their work supports poverty alleviation and well-being of communities in India by partnering with value aligned, publicly supported organizations to achieve larger impact. RIST works towards sustainable economic development while nurturing communities through innovative program designs.


It was important that the RIST website was engaging, easy to understand, and captured the spirit of India to support their mission, and engage new partnerships.

We first updated RIST’s logo and color palette to elevate the brand’s online presence to have a more credible image. The lotus monogram was carried from the old logo  to maintain RIST’s equity and updated it to display the organization’s brand growth. 

We then restructured the website’s architecture and navigation to improve functionality and user experience. Improved content to provide valuable information on RIST initiatives and who they are. And used photography to capture the people, culture and spirit of India as it relates to the causes RIST supports.

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