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Park ‘N Fly is an airport parking operator in the United States. Founded in 1967, the company has 18 facilities in 15 markets nationwide. Additionally, Park ‘N Fly has a network of off-airport parking services at over 67 airports in the U.S.


SCN helped revamp Park ‘N Fly’s fragmented brand identity. Before SCN stepped in, the company did not have a competitive advantage, nor was it known that the company had been an industry leader for over 50 years. We recognized that convenience, reliability and efficiency were Park N’ Fly’s strengths. We also identified that this market is highly dependent on technology because of tech-savvy traveling customers who are constantly connected to hand-held devices.

Park N’ Fly’s brand image needed to convey their reliable, fast and convenient service that is up-to-date with market trends. We used chevrons taken from their logo (which became a prominent graphic element) to visually represent their brand as a fast, efficient, and timely airport parking service, while conveying the constant movement of the tourism and travel industries.

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