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Offering Natural and Fresh Food Products  from New Zealand 


Oravida specializes in distributing premium food products, anywhere from New Zealand to China, that adhere to the highest standards of food safety, nutritional value and quality.

New Zealand Artesian Water

Oravida Artesian Water originates as ice crystals in the Antarctic and each drop has been naturally filtered through volcanic rock for 50 years before being stored deep underground in an aquifer which is 1800 years old. This ancient aquifer, 1000 feet deep underground, protects one of the softest sources of water in the world – water just as nature intended!

The World's Dairy Experts

New Zealand's unique natural environment has the world’s best quality pasture. Oravida sources milk from cows which are free range and grass fed, with no hormones or antibiotics and processes the milk gently to retain its freshness, goodness and superior nutritional value.

The Purest Protein From The Purest Source

Oravida goes to great lengths to ensure the excellence and quality of its products. Naturally fed and held to the highest animal-welfare standards Oravida's products are sourced from New Zealand's most passionate farmers.

Hawke's Bay Has Been An Abundant Source Of Fine Wine

New Zealand's premium wine growing region, Oravida's wine is grown from one of the most fertile regions, Hawke's Bay. Every grape is hand picked to ensure quality and consistency.

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