One of the World's Leading Tobacco Companies

Japan Tobacco International

One of the leading global tobacco companies in the world, Japan Tobacco International owns 9 world renowned brands and has–409 offices, 29 factories, 6 processing facilities and 8 research centers while sourcing tobacco leaves from 33 countries.

One of The Most Popular Brands In Its Industry

Offering everyday value and delivering an exceptionally smooth, consistent smoking experience, Wave has become a leader in its market as an alternative brand to premium tobacco.  

LD. Strong and Bold

LD is one of the fastest growing brands in the U.S. know for it's quality and value. Sold in over 50 markets across the globe. 


Trust Your Vape

A vapor products category leader in the U.S. and one fo the largest manufactures of e-cigarettes. Logic provides a reliable e-cigarette with quality taste.